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     Bad Day At Black Rock was a hilariously funny and awesome episode. As Dean would say 'I'm Batman!' If you could please write us a review about this episode or any previous ones that would be purely awesome. You can write a review here.
     We're still trying to catch up to the rest of the fan sites with the gallery and information and all of that. It proves to be very difficult. Still, we're not giving up. There are stills from the Pilot of Supernatural in the gallery, and there are also some to Wendigo.

     The Kids Are Alright was a bit creepy, I admit, but Dean made it all better with his Gumbi quote. Yet again, if you have a review you would like to submit or if there is anything you'd like to say about this awesome episode, review here.
      And congrats to the people of Australia! Supernatural's The Magnificent Seven has shown there at 8:30. Hope you haven't missed it. Same with you Aussies for the reviewing please. We love to hear what you think.


     Pictures have begun being put into the gallery. So far we have the promotional pictures for season one up in there. We will hopefully have the other pictures up too soon.
     Also, "The Magnificent Seven" was well, magnificent. Please review in our review page if you have anything to say. And we have a conversation thread for the fabulous episode going on in the forum.


     We have had site troubles lately. Of course we have fixed them in time. Because of this problem, we have decided to start over again since past problems decided to rise up again. We think that this time they are truly resolved and they will hopefully stay that way. Also, since we had started over, we have two new admins: Cara and Shellz. Both have numerous talents to add to the site and I am sure that you will both enjoy them.
       Another order of business is that there are tons of reviews put up. Most of them are from the year 2005, though two are from after that. There is a form for submitting your own review if you wish to say something about the show. Then there is a page where the review will be published for all to see. We ask you to participate in this because it is always fun seeing what others have to say. The only bad news that we have is that we still cannot find a good place to put our pictures. If you can think of any good photo galleries please, please, tell us. We have tons of pictures to offer all of you but nowhere to put them.
        Supernatural season three is on its way for the US and Canadians. Buckle up your seat belts people, because it will be a bumpy ride. Kripke has said a lot about what will happen in this season, though no spoilers will be said here. Talk about season three in our message boards.

Supernatural Season 2 Box Set came out in the U.S. yesterday!

     A ton has been put up on the site since we last updated. For one, the shop link now works. Also, we have numerous pages up in the Supernatural section. We now have Character profiles for all our RPG characters, along with their pictures for most of them. Another thing up is a poll on this front page, along with a form to fill out in the Supernatural section in order to submit your ideas for hunts. Lastly, we have music pages to show what music matches the characters, and what music has been used in the RPG. Hopefully we will have a gallery up soon.

    We at YED Hunter are glad to announce that our shop is back in business. It doesn't have all the stuff it used to, but hopefully it will soon. What's in the store now are just promotional items. If you have any money to spare, please support our site and buy something. The prices vary a lot. We just need help keeping this site up and making sure we can take care of it.
     Also, the wonderful and brilliant Tay has put many dates in our calendar! That's all up to date. If you wish to talk about any of the calendar things, feel free to open your own thread.
     We also have new buttons at the top. The ones that Shellz had made are more attractive, but real life is getting in her way. Let's all wish Shellz good luck and hope she comes back soon. These new buttons are for the new pages we have on the site: gallery, supernatural (has all the stuff we need on it that you can find on other sites, but also things that are only here), and a store. Currently the gallery is under construction, but we'll have it up as soon as possible.


     We are sad to say that the store has been deleted because of financial reasons. I promise it will be open as soon as possible. For now, though, we will be hoping for new ideas for merchandise as we begin to open the store again. The members here will be notified once the store is back open.
     One good thing is that we've updated our myspace. It now has the same feel as this site- all the fire and the orange and reds.
     We hope you guys are excited for the new season! Sure it's more than a month away, but it's exciting to have so much apprehension towards it. The season premiere episode is called The Magnificent Seven.
     Also, the DVDs come out in 11 days! We're eagerly counting down for their release.

The store has been updated with a lot of new merchandise, and we admins are still working on fixing things after our server attack.
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Important Characters: Jennica, Julia, Evaline, Lucian, Shellz, Rory, Dean, Sam, Hannah, Jensen, Alexis, Alice

Hunt: Nightmare House

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Thegang hears of a old abandoned house where a guy died of drowning whenhe bought the lot.  Thing is, this house is no where near water and hedied inside one of the bedrooms.  The hunters go to check it out onlyto realized once they step into that house they can't get out and itsbreaking them off into small groups and now their worst fears arecoming to life.  Now they have to figure out whats haunting this housebefore there nightmares kill them.

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